Oracle Database Administration

Active Database Solutions provides professional database administrators specializing in proactive support of Oracle Databases.

Our technical experience includes: Oracle v4.0 through 9i, Parallel Server, Fail Safe, Multi-Master: N-way Replication, Transparent/Open Gateway, Hot Standby, Hot/Cold Backup and Recovery, Enterprise Backup Utility/RMAN,  PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, SQL*Net/Net8, Oracle Designer, and Enterprise Manager on UNIX (Sun, HP, IBM, Bull, SGI, Pyramid and NCR), NT and VMS.  Our Tools experience includes: PreciseSQL, QDiagnostic, Platinum, HP Openview, HP Omniback II, Legato as well as the Active Database Solutions own suite of monitoring, reporting, archiving and backup/recovery utilities.

Our administrators have designed and deployed enterprise-wide backup and recovery scenarios ranging from Oracle's "Enterprise Backup Utility" to a custom UNIX implementation integrated with HP's Omniback II and HP Openview and featuring hot/cold backup to disk or tape. They have also designed, developed and deployed a custom archive system utilizing highly efficient dynamic SQL to maintain a database of historical data, without modification to existing developed or purchased application.  Our administrators are experts in capacity planning database design and tuning and 7x24 (5 9's) database management.

Our industry experience includes: healthcare, call centers, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunications, retail, sales, education, banking..., and under virtually any environment. We have consultants available to provide clients with on-site consulting in all aspects of Oracle implementations and systems integration.

We the absolute best in:

Knowledge Transfer
Database Administration and Support
Backup and Recovery
Proactive Database Monitoring
Database and Application Tuning
Database Architecture and Design
Systems Integration