Principle Consultant

We are currently looking for two additional principle level consultants.  These individuals will have a very strong and robust Oracle database knowledge. At least, 6 years development or administration with Oracle databases is required. Experience with relational theory, an understanding of the Oracle product set is also required. Broad knowledge of database design theory and principles, development life cycles or consulting industry are very helpful .

Your responsibilities will be to lead varied projects from small, Internet-enabled applications, to large Data Warehouse systems.  You will work directly with the customer to ensure complete communication. You will also be required to be an effective and proactive account manager. The account manager’s job is to ensure that the relationship we build with the customer will be as rewarding, enjoyable and successful for the customer as it is for Active Database Solutions.

All principle consultants are also the owners of Active Database Solutions.  You will be expected to contribute to make this company the best place to work and to hire, throughout the consulting industry.

All positions are at Active Database Solutions at our local customer locations in the greater Boston area. No travel is required, unless it is desired! If this opportunity interests you, please E-mail your resume and the job you are interested in to