Our Solutions
Our consultants have been involved in all types of projects. These are just a few:

Designed, Developed and Implemented an internet based clinical database as well as participated in the design of the Internet based clinical care application. This application provides a complete portfolio of clinical, operational and knowledge management tools, that physicians and hospital administrative staff use to provide and actually improve patient care. It also provides a forum where patients can participate in and collaborate on their own care, by providing the patient access to their own clinical record and to their physician.

Designed and developed the first secure Internet banking application. The personal Online Banking application was designed to use profiles gathered from previous sessions to present. This data was used to display highly targeted marketing messages to the customer. This project involved integration of a 64-bit, private key, encryption scheme with Oracle Web Server and connectivity to the legacy bank data.

Developed a corporate dashboard utilizing Oracle Web Server, HTML, ASP and IDC. Designed an enterprise-wide Data Warehouse. Designed and developed transformation software for migrating legacy data into the Data Warehouse. Created an Internet-enabled customer satisfaction web-site. Developed an application for reporting survey results and web hits to the corporate web-site utilizing Power Objects.

Developed test scripts to generate prepaid cellular cards and simulate random telephone calls against those cards. Load tested the production system with 5 million calls against 1 million prepaid cards. These scripts utilized PERL, SQL*Loader and SQL*Plus.

Developed modules for migrating data from flat files into a Data Mart utilizing PL/SQL and SQL*Loader on NT. Performance tuned existing application from a 2 day execution time to 1.5 hours.

Computer Based Learning
Subject matter expert for the development of Computer Based Training (CBT) products covering Oracle’s Developer/2000 (CDE2) product set. Technical reviewer for the Powerbuilder, Power Objects, Personal Oracle, Workgroup 2000, PL/SQL and SQL*Plus CBTs. The CBT’s are sold through Oracle as part of their educational offerings.

Audited and oversaw the installation and acceptance testing of a compliance and a corporate security master system. Developed needed enhancements and tuned the entire application resulting in a significant reduction of processing. This application and all enhancements utilized distributed databases with Oracle7 and Powerbuilder 3.0.

Designed and developed a reporting database starting with data loads from an AS/400. Developed programming standards, installed versions 6 and 7 of Oracle, developed the prototype Forms 4.0 warehouse application, established physical database layout and backup/recovery procedures.

Enhanced the user interface to provide real-time processing and display of volatile blend conditions for thier refinery automation and blend optimization system utilizing SQL*Forms.